Wood LED Light Bases

Wood LED Light Bases produce less heat than old technology bulbs, reducing the burden on air conditioning systems. That’s another energy efficiency saving that translates to reduced utility bills.

Use this base to uplight floral decor, glass art, vases, acrylic pieces and more! Easily control multiple lights on this display base with one remote.

Plastic Bases

If the short ground stakes that come with most path and cone lights don’t have enough ‘buried depth’ to keep them vertical over time, you can construct a rock-steady base for them out of plastic pipe. This gives the low voltage lighting an indestructible footing and provides a housing for the wire connections.

LED crystal light bases, also known as rotary light bases, help you make more eye-catching 2D or 3D laser engraved photo crystals or glass sculptures. They can also be used to add a nice effect on other transparent acrylic products.

XSTRON produces and wholesales wood surface plastic LED frame light base with slot for 2D images laser engraving crystal glass plaques. The acrylic plate is available in different light colors. The base comes with remote control for your convenience. It is a great gift for kids, lovers and friends. We offer free sample for your testing before order.

Acrylic Bases

Bring your customers’ etched acrylic signs to life with this LED light base. Simply insert their panel into the base for instant edge lighted signage. This lighted base features 20 preset solid colors and 20 dynamic color modes. It also includes a radio frequency controller that can be remotely controlled to change the colors and turn the LED lights on or off.

This wooden LED base has a slot width of 12cm and can fit 5mm5.1mm acrylic plate. It can be powered via a USB cable or 3 AA batteries (not included). You can also use the remote to control the light colors, modes and brightness. It is easy to install and operate. It is perfect for gift and home decoration. The light can be turned on and off with the power button located directly on the piece or by using the wireless remote.

Metal Bases

Bring a new perspective to the classic task lamp with a metal base. These durable bases are designed to withstand the extra wear and tear of work-from-home environments.

A wedge base holds a bulb by slipping over the wire leads. Many miniature lamps use wedge bases, and they’re also found in lights strings and other displays. Wedge bases may be made of glass or plastic. Some are even made of wood. They can be inserted and removed without twisting.

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